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Since 1993, U-Tech Medical has supplied, commissioned, installed, and serviced biomedical equipment solutions for customers throughout Australia.

John Youssef – Founder & CEO

Our clients include Medical centres, Hospitals, Dental & Physiotherapy clinics, Ambulance services, the Department of Defence, medical equipment suppliers, and large medical healthcare organisations.

These clients depend on us to provide a timely, dependable, accurate and quality service. Our aim is to build these relationships by creating stronger and more efficient biomedical managed systems and services.

From the very beginning our company has continued to grow and innovate, to bring clients the latest biomedical equipment from around the world, coupled with industry-leading knowledge, advice, and service.

We seek to develop long-lasting client relationships focused on a deep understanding of the environments where healthcare organisations operate.

As a result, we provide unique insights into our clients’ businesses, operations, and patients’ needs, helping U-Tech Medical to become the trusted partner in meeting patient expectations for healthcare services around Australia.

Defined by our talented people

U-Tech Medical is driven by its human resources, and quality technical support, which supports a national service network.

Our people are dedicated, trained professionals, individuals from a diverse array of expertise with hundreds of years of combined experience in biomedical healthcare sectors.

We are a people-centric business that is flexible and responsive, results driven, energetic and passionate. Our people genuinely care about your patients, and your organisations, because they work in an operations culture that promotes leadership, fosters individual potential and rewards performance.

Powered by technology

We continually invest in the latest software and cloud-based applications so our qualified and experienced biomedical technicians and support staff are equipped with the best tools and resources.

This ensures our clients receive a consistent and high level of service, from the initial contact through to servicing and then monitoring of biomedical equipment records. Ultimately this ensures you can provide the highest quality service to your patients.

As a biomedical services organisation, we deliver on that promise through our dynamic approach to people, process, and technology.

Our team’s ability to assess, build strategies, and implement best practices through process and technology services releases our clients to spend more time focused on the single most important aspect of their day: caring for patients.

U-Tech Medical is ISO 9001:2015 certified, iPRO Smartek and JAS-ANZ certified.

ISO 9001 2015 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. This means you are employing the world’s best practice methods, policies and procedures, it helps dental practitioners to meet the expectations and needs of their patients

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