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An Overview of our Approach

Working collaboratively with our clients, we provide long-term solutions that help achieve their business objectives.

We use an outcome-focused approach to plan, develop and analyse whole of asset life solutions to:

  • Optimise asset performance and integrity
  • Increase safety and sustainability
  • Reduce cost and risk throughout the entire asset

Our consulting capability is based on our depth of technical expertise and real-world experience in all phases of the asset lifecycle.

Our Services TOP

  • Business needs and feasibility analysis
  • Stakeholder consultation and management
  • Strategic planning and reliability studies
  • Lifecycle planning and costing
  • Requirements definitions and tender evaluations
  • Systematic examination of the performance of alternative products and services to better
  • meet major We take into account the impact of each service method on a
  • project’s cost, environmental footprint, and safety

Capabilities TOP

  • Authorised Service Agent
  • Factory Trained
  • Repairs
  • Access To Parts
  • Loan Equipment
  • Repair Facilities

Standards TOP

  • 25 Years In Business
  • ISO9001 2015
  • iPro
  • Smartek
  • NATA Standards
  • Associations
  • Insurance
  • Testimonials

Asset Management System TOP

  • Cloud Based System
  • Providing key data reports on equipment:
  • Next service date
  • Purchase date value and replacement value
  • Current test reports and attachments
  • Downloadable Excel and pdf files
  • Customised equipment bar codes
  • Complete Maintenance, Service and Calibration
  • Tracking medical equipment: Site and Room location
  • Condition rating and serviceability assessment

Whole of Asset Life Solutions TOP

  • Optimise asset performance and integrity
  • Increase safety and sustainability
  • Reduce cost and risk throughout the entire asset lifecycle
  • Prevention of technology obsolescence
  • Ensure access to technology and comprehensive asset management
  • Simplify custom financial solutions
  • Enable long-term budget and capital planning certainty
  • Enable equipment uptime certainty and other performance metrics
  • Streamline long-term purchasing mechanics and management
  • Provide reassurance to clinical staff that access to the latest clinical capabilities will continue

Rapid Response – Technical Capacity TOP

  • Our WhatsApp Forum
  • Annual internal skill tests
  • Dedicated customer engagement team
  • National Service Coverage

Our People TOP

  • Annual internal skill tests
  • Dedicated customer engagement team
  • National Service coverage

Asset Business Manager TOP

  • Manage assets, accounts, and the people who use them – all in one place
  • Better tracking for devices means a better workplace practitioners & patients
  • Manage and protect your equipment, while helping to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Medical device utilisation
  • Real time equipment visibility
  • Maximise equipment utilisation & minimise loss

Inventory Management TOP

  • Control capital spending & automate required inventory
  • Recall management
  • Track device compliance
  • Improve inventory management
  • Improve staff efficiencies

Better tracking of devices mean a better workplace TOP 

When patients need critical care, every second matters. Tracking down equipment, such as infusion and feeding pumps, takes time – and can take away from quality care and patient satisfaction.

Manage your medical devices with U-Tech Medical’s web-based system that tracks your assets, while providing details to help improve efficiency. With U-Tech Medical, your staff instantly knows the location and condition of the devices they need. U-Tech Medical’s rapid location and status updates capture interactions between your branch, devices and patients in just seconds.

Reduce equipment costs, improve utilisation and lower operational costs TOP

By looking at the overall process approach of ISO 9001, we find improvements in efficiency and cost savings. This is done by eliminating waste that can occur when processes are maintained without a view of the inefficiencies. A better process flow is used to drive efficiencies, eliminate errors, reworks, and improve cost savings.

By adopting this culture to improve our processes and organisational output, you will find efficiencies and cost savings, including the use of systematic processes when problems occur in order to reduce the impact of the problem and increase the speed of recovery. By making this continual, improving year after year, you will see continuing benefits from this. These are just some of the reasons why U-Tech Medical is proud to be the trusted choice of: medical equipment manufacturers, distributors, and operators.

U-Tech Medical is ISO 9001:2015 certified, iPRO Smartek and JAS-ANZ certified.

ISO 9001 2015 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. This means you are employing the world’s best practice methods, policies and procedures, it helps dental practitioners to meet the expectations and needs of their patients

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