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We support healthcare providers throughout Australia.

Whether you’re a health practitioner or facility manager it’s critical you have a great team behind you. Our 35 strong team consists of biomedical technicians, plus teams specialising in customer engagement, biomedical training and education and compliance and quality management.

Aged Care Nursing

  • Medical Equipment Accreditation Testing for Compliance
  • Service and Repair of Medical Equipment
  • Service Gas Flowmeters & Regulators
  • Service & Calibration of Vaccine Fridges

Allied Health

  • Medical Equipment Accreditation Testing for Compliance
  • Specialised Repairs of Rehabilitation Equipment
  • Ekso Bionics service & calibration

Beauty Salons

  • Performance verification and safety testing
  • Repair and maintenance of Beauty therapy equipment
  • Performance verification and compliance testing of Autoclaves

Chiropractic Clinics

  • DolorClast Service & Repairs
  • High Tech To The Rescue
  • Help With Heel Pain
  • Successful Treatments
  • Successful Practice
  • Benefits For The Patient
  • Benefits For The Practitioner

Dental Practices

  • Autoclave Performance Qualification, for Accreditation
  • Installation, Commissioning, Annual Performance Qualification
  • On-Site Autoclave Repairs and Calibrations
  • Test results and Compliance Certificates
  • Condition and lifecycle assessment
  • Autoclave replacement advice

Medical Centres

  • Medical Equipment Accreditation Testing for Compliance
  • Calibration Testing Reports
  • Autoclave Performance Qualification/Accreditation
  • Service & Calibration Vaccine Fridges
  • Device Risk Assessment Reports
  • Expected Life & Replacement Cost Report
  • Body Protected Area Testing
  • Service Medical Gas Flowmeters & Regulators

Ambulance & Patient Transport

  • Accreditation/Compliance testing
  • On-site Performance Verification and Safety Testing
  • Medical Gas Regulators and Flowmeters
  • Typical devices Tested and Repaired

Physiotherapy Clinics

  • Performance verification and safety testing of physiotherapy equipment
  • DolorClast shock therapy, annual testing, preventative maintenance, repairs & calibration
  • Repair and maintenance of all types of physiotherapy equipment and treatment tables

Podiatry Clinics

  • Service agent for DolorClast shock therapy devices
  • Autoclave Performance Qualifications and repairs
  • Medical equipment repairs
  • Autoclave Performance Qualification Installation, Commissioning,
  • Calibration to Australian Standards AS4815 and AS4187

Hospital Day Surgeries

  • Accreditation Testing – Performance Verification and Safety Testing of Medical Equipment to AS 3551
  • Medical Gases Regulators & Flowmeters
  • Body & Cardiac Protected Area Testing – Pre-inspections, Commissioning & Annual testing
  • Contracted Biomedical Technician Support

Universities & Colleges

  • Accreditation Testing
  • Performance verification and safety testing
  • Testing of training equipment, resuscitation & simulation manikins
  • AED performance testing
  • Equipment repairs & calibration

Corporate/Group Providers

  • Device Compliance testing to Australian Standards
  • Regulatory Advice
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Field Service Breakdown
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Equipment Repairs/Calibration
  • Customer 24/7 login portal
  • Risk Management Reports
  • Asset Management Reports
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