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How We Can Help TOP

We can review your autoclave make and model, and then provide you with a recommendation for verification, preventative maintenance and on-site repairs as needed.

With our calibrated test equipment we can provide accurate and traceable test cycle verification results, as required by AS4815 and by independent accreditation groups.

We can advise on the age and condition of your autoclave and recommendation on the expected life, so you can plan a replacement program before the autoclave becomes non- serviceable.

Autoclave Services Provided TOP

  • Installation Qualification
  • Validation and Commissioning
  • Performance Qualification
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance Re-Qualification
  • Calibration for compliance to Australian Standards AS4815 and AS4187
  • Rapid 3 cycle biological testing results
  • Comprehensive service and repairs
  • Condition and Risk assessment reports

Meet Technical Training Requirements TOP

U-Tech Medical understands that specialised training is required to service and calibrate autoclaves. That’s why our technicians undergo full factory training and receive continued refresher training as part of their professional development.  A factory trained technician has specialists’ tools, test equipment, and access to genuine factory certified parts.

We embrace the concept of quality through continual improvement. We understand that regular technical training is required for continued customer satisfaction, and this is the ultimate goal of our QMS process.

Autoclave Performance Qualification (APQ) TOP

As outlined in the Australian Standards the following tests are performed during annual APQ;

  • Cold Spot measurement or confirmation
  • Temperature versus time during a complete sterilisation cycle, at 3 temperature points, using test loads.
  • Calibration Temperature/Pressure/Vacuum
  • Confirmation of cold spot temperature
  • Internal Water and Pressure leakage test
  • Water and Air filters inspection/replacement as needed
  • Door seal and valve seal inspection/replacement as needed
  • Rapid 3 cycle biological testing
  • Dry cycle temperature testing
  • Electrical safety testing and compliance tagging
  • Device specific validation/calibration reports.

Autoclave Preventative Maintenance (APM) TOP

A preventative maintenance schedule can be established based on manufacturers recommendations, and the ongoing service requirement. Typically filters should be checked every 6 months during APM and APQ. Performance testing on each occasion and after repairs is also a requirement of the Australian Standards.

What happens in the event of APQ, APM Failure? TOP

The process will stop when a failure or error message occurs and the corrective action will be discussed with the on-site manager or operator. No additional work will be carried out without customer approval.

Autoclave Equipment Repairs TOP

We can organise the repair of most recognised autoclaves including but not limited to the following brands:

A qualified service technician can be sent to your site to evaluate the fault and provide a cost assessment for repairs. On most occasions the repair can be performed on-site, however if an unexpected delay occurs, we can usually organise a loan autoclave.

If my equipment comes with manufacturers extended service warranty, do I still need validation and preventative maintenance? TOP

Yes. The warranty of equipment is not related to the APQ and APM. Validation is also a requirement after completion of repairs or after any re-calibration.

How often does my equipment need to be tested? TOP

APQ Validation shall be repeated annually and every time significant changes are made. Changes in packaging or loading specification, which would provide a greater challenge to the sterilisation process.

APM every 6 months. Typically during annually APQ, and 6 months after last APQ.

Do I need to purchase a copy of the Australian Standards? TOP

This is not required, however, if you prefer to keep a copy, it is available online SAI Global and type “AS481 5” or AS 4187

As a guide, the Australian Standard, AS4815, and AS4187 are used by operators, manufacturers, and service providers, as the industry standard for autoclaves used in office based medical and dental facilities.

How do I select the best autoclave service company for optimum performance and repairs? TOP

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the correct service company.

U-Tech Medical has developed a “Service Provider Evaluation Checklist” which is available on our website here or simply ask one our customer service team members on 1300 488 324.

You can also download our special guide “Mistakes Medical Professionals Make When Selecting A Biomedical Service Company and How to avoid them” here.

U-Tech Medical is ISO 9001:2015 certified, iPRO Smartek and JAS-ANZ certified.

ISO 9001 2015 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. This means you are employing the world’s best practice methods, policies and procedures, it helps dental practitioners to meet the expectations and needs of their patients

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