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As healthcare professionals strive to provide the best for their patients, we understand that delivering accurate services is critical.

U-Tech Medical isn’t your average service provider.

Unlike other solutions in the market, we offer a full featured product at a price you can afford. It’s why we’ve become one of the most trusted and respected medical equipment service and management providers in the market.

We offer a complete medical equipment management solution that’s reliable and easy to use. Our cloud-based operating platform offers customers a central port of call to manage all maintenance testing and repairs – from the initial query, through to final invoicing.

Best of all, U-Tech Medical streamlines workflows and automates your practice., enabling you and your staff to do what they do best with more time to focus on their primary functions.

Your Support Network

When you employ the power of U-Tech Medical, you employ the strength of an Australia wide service support network staffed by highly experienced biomedical engineering equipment specialists. Whenever you need them, the following professionals are available on a local and regional level:

  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Sales Specialists
  • U-Tech Medical Repair Centres
  • National Service Management
  • Accredited Field Service Technicians
  • Application Specialists

You’ve made a substantial investment in your equipment. Make sure it stays protected with U-Tech Medical.


Modern medical care depends a lot on technology, be it in the form of critical care equipment or as crucial diagnostic tools.

It goes without saying that if an equipment malfunction occurs, due to inadequate medical device testing, it will lead to ‘wrong’ diagnosis for critical care patients and could even turn out to be fatal.

As medical practitioners of today increasingly rely on checking the health parameters of patients in order to arrive at a correct diagnosis, our task is to ensure the diagnostic tools you use are in perfect working order.


We are an ISO9001 Australian market leader in biomedical equipment maintenance, testing, validation and repairs.

We specialise in providing accredited services for some of the world’s largest biomedical equipment manufacturers that contract us to streamline and maximise the value of relationships with their customers. We also service a large portfolio of diversified private and public health related organisations, clinics and practices.


Regular biomedical equipment testing plays a crucial role in healthcare. Our medical device performance testing is guided by key protocols.

All our biomedical technicians use calibrated test devices with built in software parameters that tests your equipment against specific inputs. This ensures your equipment produces accurate data at all times.

Patient Care

Comprehensive medical device performance testing can go a long way in addressing the concerns of patients as well as the healthcare community.

A comprehensive medical device testing framework can prevent patient mortality, costly litigations and ROI for medical practitioners

Client Centric

Our work is founded on a rigorous understanding of every client’s needs, sector, and macroeconomic environment.

We ensure our clients are compliant with the Australian Standards 3551:2012 Management programs for medical equipment. We are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with over 20 biomedical engineers.

Risk Mitigation

Data is central to our service strategy. It helps set goals, develop a service roadmap and track performance along the way.

But in the complex world of biomedical equipment, it can be difficult to synthesise all the data and get a clear picture. That’s where our biomedical knowledge comes in.

Our biomedical knowledge brings together data sources to create a clear picture of your medical equipment strategy. Using data combined with patient metrics, we can understand what is working and why. And as a healthcare provider, you can access this data too. It’s about creating a collaborative and transparent service relationship that mitigates risk.

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