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AED Compliance Management

At U-Tech Medical, we’re committed to making sure that your workplace is both well prepared and well-protected in the event of a medical emergency. In addition to our on-site AED maintenance program, our technicians provide your team with training on the operation and safe use of your AED and will provide practice-training sessions using our simulated shock delivery testers, giving your team the confidence to be ready as needed. It’s all included in our annual AED maintenance program.


Compliance Management Differences from Others

A standard compliance management program sends regular reminders for you to check your AED’s power and self-test messages are working. It will also help you make sure that your equipment pads and batteries are within their expiration dates. U-Tech Medical’s annual compliance management also tests delivered energy and ensures performance measurements are compliant to Australian Standards for medical devices. We also provide operator training, and support that can minimise potential liability issues, by keeping your AED and operators ready to go in case of an emergency.

Although modern AEDs require very little maintenance, we recommend leaving compliance testing to professional that have the experience and resources to ensure that your equipment meets its original manufacturers’ specifications.

Certified biomedical technicians, like those on our team will thoroughly analyse your equipment and will run brand-specific testing to ensure that your machine is operating effectively.


Annual Compliance Test Expectations

We use an annually calibrated BC Biomedical Defibrillator Analyser, to simulate a shockable rhythm. Multiple shocks are delivered to ensure that the energy output is within manufacturer specifications.

We’ll perform a careful visual inspection to ensure that your AED shows no signs of cracks, wear, or other damage to visual indicators or voice prompts.

  • AED is accessorised and made patient-ready with electrodes and batteries installed.
  • We’ll initiate self-tests to make sure that your AED is emergency ready.
  • Battery and pad expiration dates are recorded.
  • Software version is recorded.
  • If a software upgrade is available from the manufacturer, your equipment will be updated.
  • Time and dates are checked and set, as necessary.
  • Attach a Calibration sticker also notes “Next Inspection” date.
  • We will provide an AED Operator/User with simulated Shock Delivery training.
  • AED performance, and test results are documented electronically and emailed to your preferred contact or manager.


Annual Compliance Test Expectations

Whether you have a single AED or dozens, a user-friendly AED compliance management system can help reduce your risk of equipment failure or readiness when needed.

Even with monthly reminders, checks, and routine preventative maintenance, AEDs consumables can quickly expire. Compliance Management Systems help keep you up-to-date and your equipment in good working order.


AED User Helpline

Whether you’re training new employees, have a general question about how to use your equipment, or need immediate assistance, full-service AED compliance management systems offer online chat, phone, email, and help desk support.


AED Prescribed Maintenance

AED’s are manufactured and sold under guidelines approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Compliance management systems ensure manufacturers software updates are installed and users have comprehensive support for their onsite AEDs.


U-Tech Medical is ISO 9001:2015 certified, iPRO Smartek and JAS-ANZ certified.

ISO 9001 2015 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. This means you are employing the world’s best practice methods, policies and procedures, it helps dental practitioners to meet the expectations and needs of their patients

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