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U-Tech Medical has been providing Healthcare groups, with biomedical services for over 25 years.

We understand the service support need by corporate businesses. We provide the management of service schedules, with detailed test reports for accreditation and detailed asset management reports, with risk assessment rating to reduce the risk of hazardous equipment failure.

U-Tech Medical is also a trusted partner to deliver biomedical technical support to leading manufacturers and suppliers of medical equipment and can provide local regulatory advice.

We have continually developed our service to meet the demand, with on-line customer login and 24/7 progress reports.

U-Tech Medical can provide servicing and performance testing on a range of medical, dental, and scientific products. We can provide pre-delivery safety and performance testing on new devices test, so that the customer receives a current compliance report, ready for immediate use.

We can also reduce asset management costs by providing live asset condition reports, with expected lifecycle and replacement cost reports.

We can provide:

Device Compliance Testing to Australian Standards

Pre-supply device compliance test & tag ensures devices are compliant with manufacturer and local Australian standards prior to delivery. Also, ensures that sensitive or currently imported devices are functional and have been locally tested before placed in a healthcare facility.

Regulatory Advice

Prior to local listing of new medical equipment with the TGA, we can provide a review of documentation and pre-test devices to Australian Standards and provide supplier with confidence that imported devices are compliant.

Installations & Commissioning

With our mobile and equipped biomedical team, we can provide installation and commissioning of new medical equipment. Our team are experienced working within healthcare facilities, professional medical staff, and project managers.

Field Service Breakdown

We have over 20 mobile biomedical technicians that can be on-site throughout most locations in Australia, to handle breakdown repairs. We also use and manage a team of experienced biomedical technicians for contracted work outside our normal coverage areas.

Preventative Maintenance

For medical devices that require preventative maintenance on-site we typically schedule these using our mobile field service team. We can manage PM schedules through our customer engagement team and ensure that critical medical devices are maintained at regular intervals.

Workshop Equipment Repair/Calibration

U-Tech Medical has 3 well equipped workshops based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and work with experienced and carefully selected biomedical companies at have similar workshop facilities in other major capital cities. This provides a cost-effective repair option that will reduce field service call-out fees, by delivering or shipping repairs into our workshops.

Customer 24/7 Login Portal

  • Risk Management Reports
  • Asset Management Reports

U-Tech Medical is ISO 9001:2015 certified, iPRO Smartek and JAS-ANZ certified.

ISO 9001 2015 is the world’s most widely recognised Quality Management System. This means you are employing the world’s best practice methods, policies and procedures, it helps dental practitioners to meet the expectations and needs of their patients

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