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Why Standardise Your Medical Equipment Program?

With a focus on medical capital equipment programs, a healthcare institution must be able to implement and optimise their strategy for equipment standards. The benefits of a comprehensive initiative include:

Leveraging Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO), Alliance and Organisational Contracts

Standardisation to one supplier can significantly maximise the cost savings opportunity. Achieving lower costs goes a long way in future negotiations, as consistent commitments likely mean improved pricing during your next contract cycle.

Streamlining Maintenance

By staying true to one brand of capital equipment, you inherently have fewer models to maintain and manage. This is even more beneficial for healthcare organisations that deploy internal service technicians to keep costs down.

Education of Clinical Staff

When you can train personnel on a specific piece of equipment that is used throughout the practice, the cost of training and ongoing education significantly decreases. This is especially true if a practice has built a program from the ground up.

Sharing Between Locations

When capital purchases are standardised across your healthcare system, an unused, expensive ultrasound probe at one location can easily be moved to another site where it is needed. This flexibility gives both personnel and management the security of knowing that high-dollar procedures will not be limited by equipment availability.

Energy Utilisation & Efficiency

As much as 18% of practice energy use is due to medical equipment. By having a standardised portfolio of capital equipment, you can more closely monitor energy costs and strategise ways to reduce downtime.

Planning for Technical Advances

A standardised capital management strategy. It is essential to consider how innovation can shorten the average lifespan of your capital equipment compared to how long they are expected to last. A standardised capital management strategy accounts for these nuances.

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