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We provide timely, accurate and affordable accreditation testing for an extensive range of biomedical devices.

Peformance Validation

  • Verify as recommended by the medical equipment manufacturer;
  • Verification of procedures undertaken by the medical equipment user;
  • Level and reliability of in-built self-testing, or self-verification within the medical equipment;
  • Cross verification within a single test regime, e.g. rate meter checked when alarm function checked;
  • Stability/maturity of technology;
  • Operational environment in which the medical equipment is used;
  • Operational experience with the medical equipment, or similar types of devices, such as failure rate
  • Requirements of the preventive maintenance identified at the time of medical equipment acceptance.

Physical Inspection (AS3551:2012)

  • Check equipment is free from external damage.
  • Where internal damage to the medical device is suspected, a check that internal assemblies are secure, such as relays, connectors and printed circuit boards.
  • Check for any damage or defect in the accessories, such as connectors, plugs, appliance
  • coupler and sockets.
  • Check that cord grips and protective casing, are effective.
  • Check expiry date on critical components and accessories, such as batteries, patient electrodes.

Calibration & Safety Testing

  • Testing of all patient inputs and outputs functions by applying calibrated patient simulated signals to ensure equipment is operating within manufacturers calibrated specifications.
  • Electrical safety testing and tagging.
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