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U-Tech Medical has provided dental practices with autoclave compliance testing to meet or exceed the ADA verification, maintenance, and testing guidelines for the last 25 years.

We can review your autoclave make and model, and then provide you with a recommendation for verification, preventative maintenance and on-site repairs as needed.

With our calibrated test equipment, we can provide accurate and traceable test cycle verification results, as required by AS4815 and by independent accreditation groups.

We can advise on the age and condition of your autoclave and recommendation on the expected life, so you can plan a replacement program before the autoclave becomes non-serviceable.

We provide Autoclave Performance Qualification (APQ) equipment to Australian Standards and ensure industry accreditation and compliance obligations are met.

Autoclave Performance Qualification (APQ)

We provide Installation, commissioning, Performance Qualification and Calibration for compliance with Australian Standards AS4815 and AS4187

This service includes:

  • Cold Spot measurement or confirmation
  • Temperature versus time during a complete sterilisation cycle, at 3 temperature points, using test loads.
  • Calibration Temperature/Pressure/Vacuum
  • Internal Water and Pressure leakage test
  • Water and Air filters inspection/replacement as needed
  • Door seal and valve seal inspection/replacement as needed
  • Rapid 3-cycle biological testing
  • Dry cycle temperature testing
  • Electrical safety testing and compliance tagging
  • Device-specific validation/calibration reports.

Autoclave Equipment Repairs

We can organise the repair of most recognised autoclaves including but not limited to the following brands:

  • Mocom
  • W&H Lisa
  • Tuttnauer
  • Melag

A qualified service technician can be sent to your site to evaluate the fault and provide a cost assessment for repairs. On most occasions the repair can be performed on-site, however, if an unexpected delay occurs, such as the availability of parts, we can usually organise a loan autoclave.

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