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SERVICE HOTLINE 1300 488 324

We provide Performance Verification and Safety Testing of all your podiatry equipment to Australian Standards and to ensure industry accreditation and compliance obligations are met.

U-Tech Medical is a service agent for DolorClast shock therapy devices, and can also test and repair a wide range of Podiatry devices, such as:

  • DolorClast shock therapy devices
  • Autoclave Performance Qualifications and repairs
  • General Medical equipment repairs
  • Autoclave Performance Qualification Installation, Commissioning,
  • Calibration to Australian Standards AS4815 and AS4187

DolorClast Service & Repairs

Our service technicians have been Swiss trained to provide the highest level of service to EMS Shockwave customers across the country. You’ll experience personalised, effective, and efficient service and your Swiss device will be handled with the utmost care. Your DolorClast® device needs to be serviced annually. Servicing your DolorClast® on time helps to maintain the warranty and maximise performance.

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