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Client Story: Cardiac Stress Test

The Problem: “HELP our cardiac stress testing treadmill has failed.”

Equipment failed on a Friday afternoon with 15 patients scheduled for critical cardiac stress testing.

We received a call from the practice manager, their contract technician could not repair the equipment, and did not know a service provider who could.

Note this is not an uncommon problem, it happens when low cost contractors are chosen to test equipment. They can test equipment but do not have the skills or
resources when a service or repair is needed.

The practice manager had already contacted three other service providers, with no success.

The treadmill was over 10 years old, and the practice manager was under extreme pressure to resolve the problem for:

  • the cardiologist
  • and 15 patients who were facing having their appointment cancelled.

In addition this would also place the patients under high risk due to delayed testing and subsequent treatment. We advised that we would use all our resources to seek a solution as soon
as possible.

The Value Of Experience:

  • U-Tech Medical has over 30 years’ experience in the biomedical service industry.
  • Our technical staff collectively has over 150 years biomedical service experience.
  • We have an extensive industry network of people and suppliers in our database.

Our Technology:

At U-Tech Medical all our technicians are linked via a live in-house technical forum. An urgent message was placed on the forum, within 5 minutes; a response was received from one of our technicians, advising of the current supplier of service parts.

The Solution:

The practice manager was advised within 15 minutes of the initial enquiry. A technician was soon on-site, evaluated the fault and completed the repair.

Nothings a problem at U-Tech Medical!

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