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Multi-Parameter Simulators PS-2200 PS-2210

The PS-2200 Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator Series are the most comprehensive, easy-to-use simulators on the market. These new portable simulators are intuitive to use since there are NO MORE CODES to enter. Each model provides ECG, Blood Pressure, Respiration and Temperature Simulation. Models are available with one, two or four independent blood pressure outputs.

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  • Simple to Operate
  • Independent Lead Outputs produce a true 12 Lead ECG Signal
  • 1, 2 or 4 Invasive BP Channels
  • All BP Waveforms Available on all BP Channels
  • 49 Arrhythmia Selections
  • Respiration & Temperature Simulation
  • ECG Performance Waveforms
  • Dual Graphical Displays with Backlighting
  • Drop Down Choice Screens List all Options for Parameters
  • Special Power Up Feature allows user to choose to use default, last or custom settings
  • Auto Sequences for BPM, Static-Pressure Levels & Performance
  • 10 AHA & European Colour Coded Universal
  • Patient Lead Connectors (with enough space between posts for the large diameter connectors)
  • Mini DIN Connectors Compatible with Standard BP Cables (Optional Mini DIN-M to DIN-F Cable Adapter)
  • % Battery Life & Low Battery Indicator
  • Powered by Two 9V Batteries or Included Universal Battery Eliminator
  • Full Remote Operation via RS-232
  • Flash Programmable, Field Upgradeable
  • Battery Eliminator Optional

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