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Digital Pressure Meter DPM-2300

These meters measure both gas and liquid pressures and provide multiple engineering unit displays for the results. The unit may have one or two pressure sensors and an optional temperature sensor input to measure pressure and temperature all in one meter.

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  • Large Graphics Display With Cursor Selection Of Options And Setup
  • High Resolution 24 Bit Measurement
  • 0.05% FS Pressure Accuracy
  • Standard Pressure Scales Include 13 Different Engineering Unit Ranges: (PSI, mmHg@0 °C, mmHg@20 °C, inHg@0 °C, inHg@20 °C, cmH2O@20 °C, inH2O@4 °C, inH2O@20 °C, inH2 O@60 °F, kg/cm2, kPa, mBar, Bar)

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