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Ultrasound Tester USP-50SP

Since 1977, ultrasound power meters have been used worldwide. They have always been a widely accepted standard for documenting the power output of medical transducers. The USP-50SP Ultrasound Power Meter was developed to test therapeutic and diagnostic transducers according to AIUM, JCAHO, FDA and NIST guidelines. The compact and light weight USP- 50SP meets all the requirements of a portable test instrument with reliability and proven performance.

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  • Resolution: 50mw (150 mw in Grams Mode)
  • Measurement range: 0 to 30 watts
  • Frequency range: .5 To 10mhz
  • Measures pulsed or continuous power
  • Selectable readout in watts or grams
  • Battery or line-powered
  • Digital liquid crystal display
  • Optional rs -232 or usb interface
  • Automatic zeroing and stabilisation
  • Five Point Certification (NIST Traceable)

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