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ESU Analyser 2300

The ESU-2300 Analyser is for users who prefer a conventional instrument with internal, selectable test loads. Utilising the same Patent-Pending DFATM Technology as our new ESU-2050, and
ESU-2400, the ESU-2300 uses industry-standard current sensing technology rather than relying on less accurate voltage measurement techniques offered by some competitive products. The ESU-2300 uses advanced ultra-high-speed waveform sampling techniques to accurately analyse even the most complex electrosurgery generator waveforms. You can easily analyse Coag waveforms like Desiccate, Fulgurate or even Spray with the same accuracy as pure sinusoidal Cut waveforms. RMS current (ma) and power (watts) can be easily read from the large LCD graphical display. A whisper-quiet fan keeps the internal non-inductive load resistors running cool.

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  • Measurements via Industry Standard Current Sensing Method
  • Built-In RF Current Transformer (PearsonĀ® Coil)
  • True RMS Readings Using DFATM Technology
  • Performs Output, RF Leakage & COM Tests
  • Main Test Loads from 50 to 750 Ohms
  • External Test Loads Supported
  • Auxiliary Test Load – 200 Ohms
  • Independent Variable COM Test Load – 1 to 500 Ohms
  • Non-Inductive Internal Load Resistors
  • Graphical Display with Backlighting & Simultaneous Details of Parameters & Scrolling Option Control
  • Bright-White Display Backlight
  • Rechargeable Battery or Line Powered Operation
  • Isolated Oscilloscope Output
  • Full Remote Operation
  • USB & RS232 Serial Ports
  • Digital Battery Monitor
  • Flash Programmable, Field Upgradeable
  • Tactile Keys With Audible Feedback

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