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U-Tech Medical Appointed by Walmay as The Authorised Service Provider

U-Tech Medical is proud to be appointed by Walmay as the Authorised Provider for annual service and repair of the Walmay Cryospray.

Why do Walmay’s instructions for use suggest the unit is serviced every 12 months

  • To remove the build-up of contamination in the turret; and
  • So that the replacement of the seals are kept it in good working order.

If we make a warranty claim, prior to service, do we need to return the faulty unit to Walmay?

  • U-Tech Medical has been appointed by Walmay to undertake warranty work, service and repairs.

If U-Tech Medical provides our annual service during the first 5 years of the warranty period, does this void the warranty?

  • U-Tech Medical is the authorised agent, meaning your warranty remains valid.

Do we need to empty the flask and pack into the Walmay carry bag before shipping for service?

  • Yes when transporting the Cryospray unit, It needs to be empty and packed in the Walmay carry bag.
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